A Stay in CDA (Coeur d’alene.)

Perhaps Idaho doesn’t spring immediately to mind as a summer vacation destination. But I had been getting a touch of cabin fever, I’d heard good things about Coeur d’alene, and it is only about a six hour drive from home. So I packed up, got MBW and the HA in the car, and we headed northeast for a mini-vacation.

 Verdict? CDA is a gorgeous summer getaway. Kayak rentals on the vast, tree-girdled lake are absurdly cheap. Downtown is nice. Not, say, Port Townsend level scenic. But nice. The local park is great for kids if you tire of the beach. CDA boasts the NW standard complement of quality brewpubs. And half an hour north is Silverwood, half Six-Flags tier theme park, half enormous water park. Of course, as MBW points out, theme parks are as exhausting as they are expensive. Bicycle and kayak rentals are cheaper and, perhaps counter intuitively, less tiring.

I won’t say I’ve recharged my batteries. I’m only missing three days at the office. But it is nice to get away, and CDA isn’t a bad place to do it. Pictures, you ask? Sure, here you go. Oh, and you can buy my books here, among other places.

It seems I am not destined to be the rightful king of CDA.