Update. Next Publication is: Under Strange Suns, available digitally August 2015, print version due December 2015, Twilight Times Books.

by ken

Checking In

I have a moment to drop you all a brief line. MBW is off on a business trip, charming the State of Texas I’m sure. This means I’m taking care of the HA. Leaving me no sustained time for composition.

Okay, I’m back.

Anyway, I’ll be back next week with my usual line of nonsense. In the meantime…buy my books, leave reviews? Please? Thanks. Got to go.

Christmas? Already?

Well, crap. We’re already into the first week of December. That means Christmas is barreling down on us like an out of control sleigh careening down a ski slope. And I’m not ready yet.

The thing is, I’m usually on top of this. It isn’t uncommon for me to have completed Christmas shopping by the end of August. This year? That’d be a no.

The Thankful Post

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. I’m watching a cold, gray Oregon afternoon out the window as I type. The rain provides a persistent, percussive white noise, punctuated by occasional squalls and wind gusts. It’s a bit dismal is what I’m saying. I’m trying to reflect and be thankful here, but Mother Nature has to get a knee in and grind.

Full Weekend: OryCon AND a Birthday Party

My weekend was eventful. How was yours?

OryCon returned to (almost) its former site for the 39th installment of the convention. The Red Lion on the Columbia River was home to the first several OryCons I attended, beginning back in the late ‘80s. The Red Lion owned two hotels, bracketing I-5 with views of the bridge. The west side hotel hosted those early events. This year the convention returned from many years deep in the heart of Portland to this border hotel, facing across the river into enemy territory: Washington State.

Carousing Through the Dismal Season

The leaves are dropping, exposing the bare wooden scaffolding of the trees. The rain is either a constant or an intermittent irritant. Moments of warmth are welcome rarities. Yes, the dismal season is upon us until Spring comes to our relief.

And so, we party. There’s a reason we call it the holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve in rapid sequence. Why? Because the days are short, gray, and miserable and remind us of our mortality. When faced with thoughts of death what do we do? We gather up our friends and family and we eat and drink, deliberately focusing on the positives. Each beer, each glass of wassail is a middle finger to the skeletal fellow with the black cloak and sickle.

Upcoming Appearances

A new book out means another opportunity to press the flesh, meet and greet, and…other rhyming euphemisms for marketing. Where, you ask, can you partake in such activities? Not every event is locked down yet, but currently I am scheduled for the following:

I will be signing copies of “Thick As Thieves” at Jan’s Paperbacks on Saturday, November 11. I believe that kicks off at 11 AM and runs until 2 PM. So, yes, that is 11 o’clock on 11/11. If only I could have managed this six years ago.

I will be at Orycon the 17th-19th of November. I’ll be around all weekend, but if you’re interested in getting a taste of “Thick As Thieves” I have a reading on Friday at 5:30. What do you think, should I begin reading Chapter 1 or pick a chapter somewhere in the middle?

There is more to come. This book won’t flog itself. But the above is what is currently on my plate. I hope to see you at one of these events (or more — hell, why not?) And if you can’t wait for a signed, why the book is available to purchase in print or digital right now.