Autumn Reading

So, that’s it for summer then.  The first storm of autumn is rolling in from the Pacific, hammering the trees with wind gusts and dumping the contents of a few medium-size rivers onto Portland.

Perfect reading weather.

OK, it is always perfect reading weather, but humor me.  Does reading get more pleasant than being curled on the couch before a fire, a warm mug of tea at your elbow and a book in hand?  Rain may lash at the windows and drum on the roof, but when you are absorbed in a book the inclement weather either adds to the atmospherics or passes without notice.

Autumn is the season for large books, the kind you can use to keep the car off the ground while changing a tire.  It’s the season to begin re-reading a series, to start reading “The Lord of the Rings” aloud to your nearest and dearest.  It is the season to finally tackle “War and Peace” or the “Complete Works of Shakespeare.”

I’m waiting on the library myself for a couple of books that could substitute for cinderblocks in a pinch.  If I can judge from past experience I’ll receive notification of arrival of both of them the same week and need to put in some marathon reading sessions to avoid late fees.

Oh well.  It is the season.

What do you have lined up to read?