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Hints and Portents

Today is one of those times I wish I did not attempt to maintain a weekly posting schedule on this web log. Not because I have nothing to say. On the contrary; I do have information I wish to share. But I can’t, yet. I don’t mind keeping a secret, I just really don’t want to in this instance.

Intro to Swords and Sorcery: Five Names You Should Know

Perhaps you are new to this planet, or have been living in a bomb shelter all your life with limited reading material. Maybe you recently stumbled upon a trove of Molly Hatchet album covers at a garage sale, with those paintings by Frank Frazetta and you start wondering what is all this about. Well, given those farfetched hypotheticals, or something similar, I’m here to offer the five writers you should familiarize yourself with to become conversant with the Swords and Sorcery genre.

What is Swords and Sorcery?

Swords & Sorcery is one of those terms that defies precise definition. So, it is, I suppose, another one of those other concepts that can be encapsulated in the phrase  “I know it when I see it.” And there is, I think, a certain prurience involved, without which S&S would fail to distinguish itself as a distinctive branch of Fantasy.

Orycon 40

Orycon winds down. My last panel is still a couple hours off, so I have a few moments to write this post in the Green Room, where the few remaining authors who haven’t yet taken off for home are congregating. Many look ridden hard and put away wet. A long convention weekend will do that to you. At a certain age staying up late a couple nights running begins to take it out of you.

It’s been a good con with some interesting panels and interesting conversations. My reading was well attended. My thanks to those who came to listen. I hope you enjoyed it.

The weather cooperated. It is pleasant to look out the window and see blue skies above the Columbia River. It will also be nice to look out the windshield and see my house come into view. I’m ready to get home to MBW and the HA.

MBW should be back from her weekend conference on the other side of the country. The HA will likely be sad: she’s spent the weekend with her grandparents who drove up to take care of her. Returning to the care of her boring old mom and dad will be a letdown, I imagine. Well, life is tough, kid.

I should probably begin preparing for the last panel, so that is all for this week. Be good, or at least fake it.