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Monterrey Writing and Beer-Tasting Excursion

MBW is on a business trip to Monterrey. Monterrey is a vast, sprawling metropolis in Northeastern Mexico. It’s grown even larger since my last visit, not long ago. MBW brought me along with her to entertain the HA. The Airbnb we rented boasts an impressive view (when smog and clouds allow), a gym, cafeteria, and — most importantly — a swimming pool. The HA and I have spent numerous hours in the pool and we’re only at the halfway mark of the trip. I expect many more.

A New Journey

It is that time again. I started writing another book at the beginning of the week. The tentative title is Captain. It is the sequel to Boss (look for Boss in early 2019.)

A new project carries with it a farrago of feelings. There is excitement at starting a new work, anticipation to discover exactly what you’ve birthed. There is trepidation of failure. There is wary contemplation of the effort ahead, a reluctance to take that first step.

Doings and Updates

Here follows a miscellany of personal doings and writing updates. Please control your excitement.

My goal for the year was, I believe, to have two books out this year. That — spoiler warning — will not happen. See, there is a novel — “Boss” — complete, ready to go, and under contract. But the publisher wants a series, and wants to release the books on a tighter schedule than “whenever Ken gets around to writing them.” So I’m busily working on two sequels with the goal of releasing them all next year. That may prevent me from diving into the second draft of the “Chale Thorson” novel for the foreseeable future. Thus, 2018 may not see much published from yours truly, but 2019 will be chock-a-block.

Let’s Call It Research

It’s probably been too long since I fired off a bunch of money — er, that is, rounds. For a birthday present, MBW arranged a range day for me with a couple of friends of mine who are members of a local gun club.

Many paper targets and several paper plates suffered at hands. My groupings were tolerable, but I do need to work on adjusting my grip.

Vacation, Ho!

I’m on the cusp of vacation and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Things are proceeding well enough, I suppose, they’re simply — incomplete. Case in point: I’ve got half the White Tree of Gondor on my bedroom wall. The right side, as you’re facing it, to be exact. See, many moons ago MBW expressed the desire to enhance the bedroom wall with some artwork. Fine with me. Though I admit some trepidation: What sort of artwork? As a purely precautionary measure, I found an image of the aforementioned tree online and showed it to MBW. She’s not particularly a genre fan, though she enjoyed LOTR (books and films.) To my relief she expressed immediate enthusiasm. (Take a look, it is a handsome bit of design.) Anyway, an attempt at a homemade projector, pencil tracing, and painting ended unsatisfactorily a few months back. We decided to try again with a large decal.

February Writing Update

Doubtless you are all eager to read of my doings and progress on the writing front. Doubtless. Zero doubts, one hundred percent positivity. So, with that completely unwarranted self-assurance motivating me, I’ll update you.

My short story Mischosen was reprinted this month in Cosmic Scream: Digital Horror Fiction Anthology. I’m rather fond of that story. If you haven’t read, here is a chance to check it out. Let me know what you think of it.

I’m nearing the halfway point of current work-in-progress. I should pass the mark by the end of the month. After discussions with MBW I am increasing the amount time each week I put in at the keyboard. The goal is to complete two novels per year. I am receiving some gentle pressure to get some series fiction banked and ready for publication. That will demand a greater time commitment than I had previously allowed. But MBW encouraged me to make the commitment. So let it be written, so let it be done. Or, should that be: So let it be done, so let it be written?

MBW, the HA, and I will be in Seattle next weekend. (A long weekend: Thursday through Sunday.) I’ll be attending Emerald City Comic Con. Sporting a pro badge on my lanyard, so everyone will know how important I am. MBW and the HA will be enjoying the sights. I think they win. In any case, for those of you in the Seattle area, I’ll be in town if you want to say hello.

2018 Plans

I did not make any New Year’s resolutions. I’m rather content, in general, with life. I always strive to improve, of course, for myself and for MBW and the HA. But I don’t plan to drop ten pounds or start exercising. I already maintain a healthy weight and workout regularly. I don’t intend to quit smoking; I never started. I’ve got a steady job and roof over my head. There is always room to grow, to do more, to increase in prosperity. I’ll continue striving. But I don’t feel the need to make any concrete resolutions.

I do, however, have plans for the year.