I’m learning the publishing game through the time-honored method of experience. It seems that disappointment is a constant threat. I’d been expecting a release date of October 15 for my novel “Reunion.” In fact I’d relied upon the date, sending out invitations to a party to celebrate the book’s impending publication.
Lesson one: The book hasn’t been published until it’s been published. Nothing is certain.
See, I received a message from the publisher a few days after sending the invitations alerting me that the publication date was pushed back. It seems the cover artist required more time. He is creating a painting for the entire cover, front and back. The approved concept was more involved than originally anticipated so he’ll need a couple more months.

Well, it will be an attractive cover.
So, the digital version is now – tentatively – scheduled for February 2014. And the print copies ought to arrive in May. See how I’m hedging my bets there? I’m learning. The book will be published when it’s published.
But about the party, yeah that still occurred. Look, I’d brewed a keg of beer, I wasn’t going to try to drink it all by myself. My wife would disapprove. Also, I’d get sick. So I considered the gathering a consolation party. And consolation seldom gets better than this.

It is always good to get together with friends, whatever the occasion. I learned that lesson long ago.