Five Year Anniversary

I am typing this web log post with my right hand while cradling a sleeping baby in the crook of my left arm. One of the products of five years of marriage.

That’s right. Five years.

Isa and I were married on a blustery, cold, and wet March way back in 2009. (Ask nice and maybe I’ll refrain from showing pictures.) Now it is 2014 and we are still together, plus an addition. Not only has she tolerated my lazy, slovenly ways but she thought enough of me to think I was an acceptable candidate to produce a child with. Amazing. If years of living with weren’t sufficient to dissuade her I must assume she has some grounds for confidence.

It has been an eventful half-decade. We’ve travelled extensively, among other trips visiting Europe on a couple different occasions, ditto Hawaii, and heading down Mexico way so often I’ve lost count. We’ve squabbled, made up, remodeled the condo to her liking (an ongoing project), started up her home-based business, seen my moribund writing sideline begin to show signs of life, seen my first novel published. And we brought into this world Victoria Valentina Lizzi.

Not bad for five years. I wonder what the next five have in store.