Hello from the Big Strip Mall.

You know it is an upscale mall when street parking is $5.00 an hour.

Greetings from Houston, the Big Strip Mall. Or, more precisely from a pond-side deck at our little AirBnB in the suburb Pearland. The contrast from the rainy (flood-threatening) Pacific Northwest to sunny coastal Texas is distinct and welcome.

Square ponds are perfectly natural, aren’t they?

MBW is here conferring on a job prospect. I am watching the HA and touring the Greater Houston area. What isn’t strip malls is apparently composed of highways, upon which is underway a continual, unsanctioned, open class Grand Prix. Well, I may have to grow accustomed to it at some point. It is greener than I expected, so that’s nice. The sheer, pool table flatness might take some getting used to.

I did discover a cool brewpub (Battlehops Brewing, in Katy, Texas) that serves up good burgers while offering hundreds of board games to play while eating and drinking. And the Half Price Bookstore chain is balm to one who hasn’t set foot in a bookstore in months. (Thriftbooks and Amazon are terrific, but I miss browsing in person.) The HA and I spent some time at both while MBW attended a seminar.

The HA about to open up a can of Whoop Ass.
More of Battlehops Brewing.
Even more Battlehops Brewing
Bookstore haul for the HA and your humble correspondent.

We drove to Galveston Island today. I enjoyed walking the beach and observing the traffic jam of tankers in the Gulf. Stopped briefly at NASA on the way back and took a gander at what was on display outside. So now I have seen the venues in both Florida and Texas.

Galveston Historic Pier.
The HA and Sharkman
Not Rocketman
New cut-rate airline: Piggyback Air.

Tomorrow we will casually browse neighborhoods, get an idea of the available real estate in our price range, and visit a possible school for the HA. 

So, while nothing is set in stone yet, I should probably begin looking more at the positives than the downsides. I have, for example, felt more relaxed and unconstrained than I have for months. And that is of value.

We shall see. Something that would ease the decision making would be an increase in book sales. Have you read any of the Semi-Autos and Sorcery series? Books one, two, and three are out (I am currently editing number four.) Response has been positive. If you are in the mood for contemporary fantasy adventure, give the series a try.

I could get used to this.