Proof Reading

20140126_155047_2I am reading the proof copy of my novel, loose pages stacked within the almost complete cover – (still lacking ISBN and bar code.) Tangible proof that I do indeed have a book on the cusp of publication. Cool. Feels good, but I am getting my fill of reading it. I’ve lost count of the number of drafts, revisions, edits, and proof-readings I’ve gone through. This, however, is the last pass. I do hope I manage to catch every misplaced apostrophe, dropped article, or missing comma.

It requires a lot of effort to ensure the prose looks effortless. I take full responsibility for anything that slips by.

Do you ever find that a grammatical error can disrupt your reading, jar you from absorption in the story and remind you that you are reading a fiction, a construct of words on the page? Do you ever pencil in corrections, fixing misspellings or pointing out the inadvertent use of the wrong homonym? Personally, I can let that go up to a certain tipping-point, a critical mass of errors that permanently disrupt the illusory world the book is trying to build in my mind. Once I reach that point I feel I’m reading an inferior product and instead of allowing the story to take over I find myself reading critically, as an editor rather than for enjoyment.

I hope I catch all the errors. Odds are I’ll miss something, but I’m doing my damndest to limit mistakes.

For you. Because I care.