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Solomon Kane’s Christmas

High boots, cuffed above the knee, crunched through snow upon the frozen heath. The feet within the boots contained little more warmth than the white blanket they trod. But the boots marched on, steady and unvarying, for Solomon Kane did not bend or waver in the face of inclement weather any more than he did in the face of opposition from man or beast. Or creature of Hell.

Wassail On, Wassail Off

Yuletide greetings. Many happy returns. Etc. Merry Christmas, is what I’m saying. I hope you all are enjoying the whole shebang, entire shooting match, soup-to-nuts holiday extravaganza.

MBW wished for a White Christmas. Looks as though she might get her wish. It is not precisely blizzard conditions out there, but more than a dusting has fallen today. We drove farther up the foothills this morning, got the HA some snow time. Then we came home for a combination sidewalk shoveling/snowman building operation.

Both MBW and I come from a tradition of holding the majority of Christmas events on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning. So in about an hour it will be time to prep the turkey, get the oven heated, and begin assembling a dinner of absurd proportions for a family of three.

And then, presents. Really the gift is watching the HA open hers. She’s entering the sweet spot of Christmas appreciation. The entire season remains magical for her. And we can leverage Santa Claus for good behavior. Everyone wins.

So, cheers to you all. Get your wassail on and enjoy.

Christmas? Already?

Well, crap. We’re already into the first week of December. That means Christmas is barreling down on us like an out of control sleigh careening down a ski slope. And I’m not ready yet.

The thing is, I’m usually on top of this. It isn’t uncommon for me to have completed Christmas shopping by the end of August. This year? That’d be a no.