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Library Progress Report


I have yet to decide what to call this room. Library? Den? Study? Office? What best suits it? I don’t know. At this point it remains a work in progress. Though I have made progress. Check it out.

My wife and I refinished this desk. (She finds the process of sanding, staining, and varnishing a relaxing experience. Who am I to deny it her?) $25 from a thrift store. The desk still requires a chair. What I’ve placed there is a make-do until I can afford the chair I have in mind. The mostly empty book case is temporary. $25 on Craigslist. (Actually, $22. The seller could not make change for a $20 and accepted the lesser amount.) I hope to replace it with a better piece at some point.


Some gaps in the decorating remain. I’ve some knives I’d like to display. And I’ll need to buy some sort of sleeper-sofa. I hope room remains for a side table or chess table. My fancy pants chess set rests in a box in the garage. It must be freed!


So, it’s coming along. Time and money will see it complete.


Lesser Problems

In the grand scheme of the things, the sweeping panorama of mankind’s struggles, it isn’t much of a problem. “Minuscule” gives it too much credit. But this is my web log and I’ll complain if I want to.

Seems to happen to me every time. I reserve a couple of books at the library, even putting the hold on different days or even weeks. But inevitably both books arrive for pick up AT THE SAME TIME. Grrr. Usually new releases as well, meaning I’m allowed less time to read them. C’mon library. I’m not single anymore. I’ve got a wife and kid. I can’t just come home from work, plop down on the couch and read until 2AM. (If I did, I imagine I’d find myself single again pretty damn quick.)

Book Backlog

I’m hip-deep in unread and partially read books. Normally I wallow happily in such a morass. Today instead  I’m feeling more inundated and borderline panicked.

The release date for event books, books I’ve waited months or years for often clump. At least it seems so. When I reserve them at the library they always seem to come in the same day. Or a long-expected book and a book that caught my eye in a reference in some article or other. I can reserve them months apart. They still await me at the library on the same damn day.

Autumn Reading

So, that’s it for summer then.  The first storm of autumn is rolling in from the Pacific, hammering the trees with wind gusts and dumping the contents of a few medium-size rivers onto Portland.

Perfect reading weather.

OK, it is always perfect reading weather, but humor me.  Does reading get more pleasant than being curled on the couch before a fire, a warm mug of tea at your elbow and a book in hand?  Rain may lash at the windows and drum on the roof, but when you are absorbed in a book the inclement weather either adds to the atmospherics or passes without notice.