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Off the Grid


A weekend away every now and then is refreshing. Sometimes the family will drive up toward Mt. Hood, spend a couple of days with some friends in a cabin on the Salmon River. No television, no internet. Just games and conversation.

This weekend provided a variation on that theme and the family stayed home. A friend of a friend owns a cabin and property fronting a lake about midway along the Oregon Coast. My friend wanted to scout the property, check out the signs of deer activity, look for likely spots for hunting. Given the proximity of the lake, I thought there might be a chance to take a potshot or two at ducks, so I agreed to go along. A third friend joined us.

2013 in Review

And there goes 2013. So, yeah. Can you believe it, we’re well into the second decade of the twenty-first century. Hardly proceeding as scripted, but that’s another post.

Interesting year, 2013. Personally a rather extraordinary year. As I type I can see my daughter sleeping in her bassinet. Ken procreating: many have considered that one of the signs of the impending apocalypse. But you can’t hang the end of the world on me, whether it’s via asteroid, zombies, super-flu, nuclear holocaust, or Vogon destructor fleets.