2021 Retrospective

o, that was 2021, huh? Well, before moving on into what I’m sure will be a glorious 2022 — a year of unicorns galloping across rainbows, with bareback riding leprechauns scattering gold to us all — I figure I’d look back at what I accomplished in the unicorn-free year.

2021 was productive on the writing front. Aethon Books published the first three novels of my SemiAutos and Sorcery series. Reviews are still trickling in. People seem to like the books.

I’ve mostly stepped away from writing short stories, concentrating instead on novels. But in 2021 I sold a short story to Tales from the Magician’s Skull and another to Cirsova. Both should be published in the latter half of this year. I’ve written a couple more while finishing up the fourth Semi-Autos and Sorcery novel. We’ll see if I can find homes for those. It was fun and challenging getting back into the more compact narrative format.

Travel was curtailed somewhat this year. MBW, the HA, and I visited Destin, Florida, Coeur ‘d Alene, Idaho, and Houston, Texas. I want to wander about more this year; I’m getting restless. But airports are such grim, unpleasant places right now, and the airplane itself feels oppressive, with the cabin crew taking on the role of prison guards.

In 2021 family doings, the HA entered second grade and recently celebrated her eighth birthday. MBW started a promising new career path, hammering away at licensing requirements in multiple states, defeating all the bureaucrats in her path.. Is it premature for me to start eyeing early retirement?

So, happy New Year, readers. And, if you make one resolution this year, let it be to buy my books.