Alastair Reynolds

This web log is not meant as a forum for me to vent. I’ll whisper my complaints into a mug of beer in a dark, quiet corner. Don’t worry, I’ve no intention of whining. A squalling infant in the wee hours, inutile family drama threatening to start a suppurating ulcer need not concern you.

So let’s talk about science fiction.

I’m digging Alastair Reynolds. The man has sci-fi chops. I’m currently on the downhill slope of Absolution Gap, the third in a space opera series, and presumably the last of the trilogy that began with Revelation Space and Redemption Ark. (Though I haven’t finished yet, so I could be mistaken. Perhaps there will be more.)

Reynolds dives straight into the deep end of science fiction. We’re talking large scale here. Billion-year time scales. Fate of the galaxy. The gleaming spear tip of technology extrapolated from the most ambitious theoretical physics. The works.

To top it off he has the writerly skills to create vivid, fully-realized characters that the reader can actually care about. But even that he does the hard way – introducing deeply flawed individuals in moments of weakness or even downright villainy and then making us care about them.


If epic sci-fi is your catnip, check out Alastair Reynolds. He’s got the goods.