Ancient New

Book Cover: Ancient New

Visions of future past. Or is it past future?

Fifteen tales will visit an Aztec future, a Victorian past, a world powered by electrical gems, and many other enchanting worlds, each imagining a new take on what life might have been like, or perhaps what it might be. Exploring worlds populated by humans in the distant future and cultures lost in the distant past, Ancient New gives voice to fifteen new and up and coming authors.

So come, explore the majesty and wonder of the stories of Ancient New!

Ancient New is a hundred and one thousand word alternate history anthology edited by James Tallett, and containing appearances by The fifteen authors appearing in the anthology, in order of their stories, are Adam Perin, Gareth D Jones, Mark Rigney, Shay Fabbro, Travis Knight, Billy Wong, Robert Santa, Frank Gullo, Marilag Angway, Aaron French, Bo Balder, T.D. Edge, Ken Lizzi, Sarina Dorie, and Tom Howard.

Publisher: Deepwood Publishing
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