Obsidian Owl

Book Cover: Obsidian Owl

In the wrong hands, the obsidian owl can wreak death and devastation on an unimaginable scale.

A nihilist biker plans global extinction. A rival biker wants merely to retire, if he's allowed to. A young woman wants revenge.

Karl Thorson, ex-Special Forces soldier, agrees to help Trisha Wagner track down the biker gang that slew her father and brother, and stole an artifact -- an obsidian owl. Nero Jones intends to use the artifact in a ritual he hopes will cleanse the world with fire. Vegas Kuzmich wants to bring his drugs to market, then retire from the life of an outlaw biker. But his men demand he first get some payback from Nero Jones' bikers. All of them are headed for a showdown in Yellowstone.

Can Karl Thorson retrieve the obsidian owl? Can he thwart Nero Jones' scheme? And will Vegas Kuzmich ever get to retire?