Book Cover: Reunion

Sometimes survival is not enough. Sometimes you need to fight back.

The apocalypse ended Nick Gates' night shift as a Portland cop. The armored soldiers trooping out from a massive ziggurat, the death of his partner and the city in ruins terminated his career. Surviving the aftermath of the reunion of parallel earths was a good break. Finding his wife alive was a good break. Assembling a guerrilla resistance against occupiers from the other earth, however, didn't work out so well. But an escapee from an enemy stronghold, bearing with him the possibility of reversing the reunion, brought hope. This hope will require a dangerous trek in search of organized resistance, and, if that succeeds, a mission back into the heart of enemy territory. It will take all of Nick's courage, luck, and skill if he – and humanity – is to survive REUNION.

Publisher: Twilight Times Books
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