The Ways of Magic

Book Cover: The Ways of Magic

Magic flourishes once more, finding itself new and beautiful forms of expression, some creative, some destructive, but all exquisite and stunning in their own way.

Fantasy is now blessed with new visions, new ways of seeing the familiar, as each of the twelve authors herein has tackled the use of magic in their own inimitable style, taking on the challenge of creating ways of magic never before seen, and succeedingly admirably.

Turn the page, and behold majestic new magics.

The Ways of Magic is a 95,000 word fantasy anthology edited by James Tallett. The twelve authors appearing in the anthology, in order of their stories, are Ken Lizzi, Joel V. Kela, Andrew Kaye, Jess Owen, T. Eric Bakutis, Jennifer Povey, Julie Frost, Sarina Dorie, Andrew Knighton, Auston Habershaw, Steven Long, and Jonathan Fisher.

Publisher: Deepwood Publishing
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