Debut Novel Ruminations

20140126_155047_2My first novel, “Reunion,”  is out. Here’s a link, let me get that marketing thing out of the way so I can ramble without worrying where to shoehorn it in later.

I’m trying to get a handle on how I feel about it. I’m pleased, obviously. But my enjoyment is incomplete. I think that’s partly because – until May – the novel is only available as an eBook.  I’m not what you might call an early adopter. I have a tablet and I have the Kindle application loaded on it. But I don’t read from it. I’ve got three or four items on it, nothing longer than a novella. I suppose I still prefer the feel of a physical book.

The point is, I think I need to hold a copy in my hand. Not a proof print, not a promo-copy with different cover text, but a copy of the proper book as sold. Then I’ll believe I have published a book.

Weird, I suppose. It’s the same story whether it is displayed as electrons on the screen or as ink on the page. But there you have it.

Of course, some people are never satisfied. And I’m some people. So once I do have a copy in my needy little hands I’ll probably lose the glow in about a day and then require some other source of gratification and sense of accomplishment. Maybe I’ll need to see a copy on the shelf at Powell’s Books. Or need a five star review. Or a movie option. Whatever it is, I’ll probably keep kicking the can of contentment down the road.

What a whiner, right?