Not Precisely a Shindig

The Lizzi household threw a little party yesterday, with attendees primarily from the neighborhood. We wanted to celebrate. MBW passed the mortgage loan officer national exam (by all accounts a rather devilish test.) I’m proud of her. I remember all the work and stress that preceded and carried through the Bar Exam, so I could empathize with all she endured.

We also celebrated (somewhat belatedly) the publication of the first book of Semi-Autos and Sorcery, Blood and Jade. And I suppose I was also prematurely celebrating the release of book two, Santa Anna’s Sword, due out in just over a week from the writing of this post.

I vended a few books. Today’s grocery was shopping courtesy of those, um, patrons of the arts who partook of my homebrew and the pitchers of specialty margaritas MBW prepared. MBW has recently discovered the fun and limitless potentiality of margaritas. Taking advantage of the season we’ve picked buckets full of blackberries this month, so naturally one of her offerings was a blackberry margarita. I did have a sip, before resorting as usual to beer. It was good.

The HA had a marvelous time as most attendees brought children. I’m glad she enjoyed a last blowout before the commencement of school tomorrow. The HA is now a second grader. What, me feel old? Never.