Quiet Doings

The HA is spending a few days with her grandparents on the coast. Thus MBW and I have a childless weekend, unless you count the new kittens (which, soulless barbarian that I am, I don’t.) We planned to drive to Lost Lake, rent some kayaks, and paddle about with Mt. Hood in the background, casting its reflection upon the placid, mirror surface of the lake. The weather, however, had other plans.

I spent some time looking at local weather forecasts and found the nearest place with the lowest chance of precipitation and highest temperature. After considering the options, we drove northwest, crossing the Mighty Columbia, to spend a couple of hours strolling along the esplanade in Vancouver. (Washington, not B.C.)

The rain held off and the temperature remained clement. We clambered down to an artificial sand beach, threw some rocks into the river, viewed statuary, watched birds, sailboats, and fishermen.

And, always important, ate lunch at a riverfront restaurant.

The day wasn’t all self-indulgence, mind you. I did spend an hour working on book four of Semi-Autos and Sorcery. Getting close to the 45,000 word mark.Will there be a fourth book? Well, that’s rather up to the marketplace. If the sales of the first three indicate a demand, it seems likely. Book one, Blood and Jade, is out now if you want to take a look.