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Orycon 2018 Schedule

Orycon approaches. Time to mingle, share from my meager store of knowledge, and roam from room party to room party.

I received my schedule the other day. If you are in Portland during the convention, pick up a membership and come say hello.


Fri Nov 9 4:00:pm Fri Nov 9 5:00:pm Story Pacing: Hurry Up, and Wait
Pettygrove Speed the story up, raise the stakes, increase the tension — But not too much. Readers, like runners, want to keep moving fast but can’t go at a breakneck pace all the time. What are the techniques, large and small, to make you story roller-coaster a fun, exciting ride?
David D. Levine Diana Pharaoh Francis Ken Lizzi Richard A. Lovett Wendy N. Wagner


Fri Nov 9 5:00:pm Fri Nov 9 6:00:pm Autograph Session: Friday 5pm
Dealers: Autographs Authors and artists sign things
Alma Alexander Ken Lizzi


Sat Nov 10 5:00:pm Sat Nov 10 6:00:pm Building an Extended Series
Pettygrove Some readers want to immerse themselves into a series, rather than just a single book. They want to binge. And once your trilogy is done, then what? How to expand your literary universe instead of walking away from your book or short series forever.
Joseph Brassey Ken Lizzi Mike Shepherd Moscoe Seanan McGuire Steve Perry


Sun Nov 11 10:00:am Sun Nov 11 10:30:am Ken Lizzi Reading
152 Readings Ken Lizzi reads from his works.
Ken Lizzi


Sun Nov 11 2:00:pm Sun Nov 11 3:00:pm Consequences of Violence
Overton Random groups wandering the countryside and slaying evil-doers are less likely to be seen as heroes than as murder hoboes. Our panel will discuss the mechanisms that real societies (and realistic fiction) use to limit violent actors.
Crystal Connor Ken Lizzi Rory Miller S. B. Sebrick


Westercon 69, Dude

I received an invitation to serve as a panelist at Westercon 69. Westercon is a regional science fiction convention, held in a different city west of the Rockies each year. For 2016 Portland took the honors. How convenient.

Once again I will dilute the quality of the pool of con-guests, and diminish the level of panel repartee with my ill-conceived opinions and half-baked witticisms. It should be fun. The convention occurs July 1-4. If you live in Portland, pick up a membership and join in. If you don’t live in Portland, well July is one of the best times to visit. Early summer is gorgeous here. The scenery, weather, bookstores, food, and beer will make you want to stay. Resist the temptation. Portlandia is a documentary.

I hope to see you at the con.

Orycon 37

I will be lowering the panelist quality of Orycon once again this year. I’m happy to do it, let me tell you. Enough with the qualified, entertaining, and successful authors hogging the panels. Someone has to draw a line in the sand. And that line is me.

Orycon begins this Friday, November 20 and runs through Sunday, the 22nd at the Portland Marriott, on the waterfront. I’ve been selected to sit on three panels this year. In case you want to listen in to discussions among qualified experts (and me) or simply want to know which panels to avoid, here’s my schedule.

Friday at 4PM in the Salem room: I’ll Be Watching You.

From vampire assassins to wizard private eyes to undead thugs, crime has been mixing it up with fantasy for years. What is it about crime, noir, and the paranormal that’s so appealing? Also – what are some really good titles?
Ken Lizzi, Annie Bellet, (*)Sharon Joss, Alex C Renwick, Kristi Charish


Saturday at 11AM in the Douglas Fir room: Loving Your Villains.

Villains are never evil. From where they stand, they’re the heroes of their own story. How to keep that in mind as you write that horrible, horrible person your readers will love to hate.
SD Perry, Lori Ann White, Ken Lizzi, Tanya Huff, Scott Alan Woodard

Saturday at 3PM in the Salmon room: Law 2050.

Legal dilemmas in the not so distant future
Katie Lane, Ken Lizzi, Rob McMonigal, (*)Shane Sauby, Manny Frishberg

I hope to see you at the con.

OryCon 35

I attended my first science fiction convention as a guest this weekend. Not my first con, but my first on the other side of the panel table. OryCon is the annual Portland convention, now in its 35th year. It brings together fans of the myriad interests lumped under ‘science fiction.’ So, you’ve got your klingons, your gamers, your costume makers, anime buffs, etc. I’ve attended about a dozen of these over the years, not with any particular focus, but simply as a reader of speculative fiction in general. It allowed me a chance to meet some of the authors of books I’ve enjoyed and to hear the authors discuss various topics at panels.