The Sleepless Writer

This may not come as a shock to anyone, but the care and feeding of a newborn tends to cut into one’s free time, the time one might normally spend – say – writing. That’s not a complaint mind you. The frequent rising in the middle of the night to feed or comfort, dealing with the maddening refusal to just go back to sleep already, do you have any idea what time it is is all worthwhile. In the light of day, jaw cracking with yawns, dragging myself to the gym and to work, the previous nights frustrations fade.

So, yeah.

But I’m still finding time to write. A matter of desire, I suppose. If you want to do something, you’ll make the time.

Currently I’m working on a short story. An editor requested a contribution from me to help fill up an anthology. The subject matter is a step – maybe just a little shuffle – outside my comfort zone. But I came up with an idea I’m pleased with and have already made good progress – even while dealing with the ongoing demands of my little poo machine.

Of course, that’s been over the course of the weekend. Let’s see how work proceeds after I haul my tired carcass back from the office.

Wish me luck.