imageI returned yesterday from three days in Tucson. My lovely and talented wife attended a conference held at a resort just outside the city limits, the resort an oasis of swimming pools, golf courses, and room service. I went along to tend my lovely and talented newborn daughter, with the optimistic plan of completing a second draft of a novel while sitting in the sun. Turns out the former obligation curtailed the completion of the latter. I jotted notes and made corrections on less than half the manuscript.

But the sun was nice after months of Portland winter.

image (1)And I was able to tour some of Tucson. A rental car was indispensable. Tucson sprawls. Getting anywhere requires a lengthy car trip. But it was warm and car trips always lull my daughter to sleep. I saw a bit of the University of Arizona campus. And I visited a couple brewpubs over the course of the trip.

image (2)We stayed a day beyond the conference, making a mini-vacation out of the trip. This gave us the chance to discover that just because a restaurant is featured on television does not mean its signature dish is necessarily anything special. Friendly, attentive service is nice, but one eats at a restaurant for the food.

Now I’m back to the cold and rain. And back to working on that second draft. If my daughter allows me.