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A Singular Birthday


I hoped to reflect upon today’s event of personal note, my daughter’s first birthday. But the first impression I can summon up is a feeling of deep weariness. This, I suppose, is the common experience of parents. Raising an infant is exhausting. This does serve to illustrate the concept that the more rewarding a thing is the harder it is to achieve.

So, we’re marking a momentous year. Victoria Valentina blossomed from just under four pounds to the vicinity of twenty. She’s been walking for several months now. I spend an inordinate amount of time chasing her from room to room. Did I mention that I’m tired?

But what if I am? She’s got a carbon arc torch of a smile. She’s smart and engaging. She’s already shown a predilection for books that makes this bibliophile happy, even while her habit for bending and spindling pages makes me cringe.

So to hell with my whining. I’ll chase her around as long as needed and enjoy the race, enjoy the growth. No question this game is worth the candle.

But I could use a nap.

Father's Day

Father’s Day has never ranked as a red letter day on the calendar for me. Today marks something of a shift in that perspective. Today is my first as an honoree. I received some lovely photographs, a professional shoot of my beautiful and talented wife along with my beautiful and talented daughter.

My Beautiful and Talented Daughter

My Beautiful and Talented Daughter

I also played golf, poorly and in the pouring rain. So, yeah, terrific photos. I’m going with that gift as the memory.


imageI returned yesterday from three days in Tucson. My lovely and talented wife attended a conference held at a resort just outside the city limits, the resort an oasis of swimming pools, golf courses, and room service. I went along to tend my lovely and talented newborn daughter, with the optimistic plan of completing a second draft of a novel while sitting in the sun. Turns out the former obligation curtailed the completion of the latter. I jotted notes and made corrections on less than half the manuscript.

But the sun was nice after months of Portland winter.

2013 in Review

And there goes 2013. So, yeah. Can you believe it, we’re well into the second decade of the twenty-first century. Hardly proceeding as scripted, but that’s another post.

Interesting year, 2013. Personally a rather extraordinary year. As I type I can see my daughter sleeping in her bassinet. Ken procreating: many have considered that one of the signs of the impending apocalypse. But you can’t hang the end of the world on me, whether it’s via asteroid, zombies, super-flu, nuclear holocaust, or Vogon destructor fleets.

The Show Must Go On

13 - 1 (1)Twice daily visits to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to visit my newborn daughter eat up a lot of the day. It is terrific to observe her progress. She’s getting bigger every day and should be coming home in, perhaps, a week.

Fantastic. But I still need to keep writing.

It's a Girl!

I bought a crib yesterday. And a changing table. And other assorted items deemed indispensable for a newborn. The reality is still sinking in. Slowly: the density and relatively non-porous nature of my thick head renders comprehension a glacial process. But it is undeniable. I am going to be a father.

I’ve extended my adolescence longer than most, I suppose. Time to take a stab at adulthood. Any advice? I’m not, honestly, overly concerned. I’ve muddled my way through life with some degree of success, making it up as I went along. Less qualified people than I have become perfectly serviceable parents. I can do this. Right?

I still intend to make time for writing. I will continue to reach my word count. Plug away at the work-in-progress until it is finished, then move on to the next. Only now I have that much more incentive. My daughter deserves the best from me.

OK, there. I think that was a twinge of anxiety. Or maybe just hunger. Yeah, probably just hunger. Time for lunch.