Convention Weekend and the Thief of Time.

I am in Lebanon, Tennessee this weekend, about twenty minutes outside of Nashville, for a small convention. This is my second appearance here. I had to back out last year, but was happy to make it back to Mike Williamson’s annual gabfest and booze-a-thon. Sarah Hoyt served as Guest of Honor. It was nice to see her again.

I feel a trifle disconnected at the moment. Time seems to behave strangely at these things. I tend to go to be relatively early. Yet on Friday (or, rather Saturday) I glanced at my watch and discovered it was 12:30. And then Saturday (or, rather, this morning) I realized it was 3:00 AM and I was still swapping stories. What happened? How did time slip past at such an accelerated pace?

And now, I suppose, the hours until I head to the airport and fly home will creep along glacially. Strange.

Well, it was a good weekend, seeing familiar acquaintances, and even selling a few books.

Speaking of selling books, feel free to browse through these selections. I, meanwhile, will drink some coffee.


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