Merida and Vicinity

I returned Wednesday from a week in Merida, Mexico. Merida is the capital, and largest city, in the State of Yucatan. MBW, the HA, and I rented an AirBnB and a car for the week’s explorations. We visited the city center, plazas, cathedrals, restaurant row, a chocolate shop, a well-done brewpub, ice cream and gelato shops, etc. We visited the ruins at Uxmal, swam in cenotes, hit the beach in Progresso and in Sisal.

I won’t bore you with all the photos I took. But here are a few covering the trip.

Enormous market. Herein the HA learns in part where her food comes from. She was not pleased.
One of a half-dozen of the statues and monuments we saw in Merida.
Street scene in Merida. Tourist area.
Ditto, except marred by my presence.
Bacab brewpub. Go. Have the stout. Talk to Fred, formerly of Bend.
Flight at Bacab.

Various pictures from Uxmal below. I took plenty more. I would have liked to spend more time there, but the temperature that day was brutal.

Cooling off in a cenote.
Prior occupant of the cenote?

We spent a day in Progresso on the beach, then shortly before closing time took a boat across to a nature sanctuary with several open air cenotes for more swimming.

The malecon in Progresso.
Waiting for tacos and beer while the HA played in the sand.

We got to the quiet seaside town of Sisal the next day. A relaxing change from the touristed Progresso.

Imagine cold beer and a Jimmy Buffet song.

Speaking of beer, I sampled my way through some of the local craft offerings. Mexico still has a way to go in the IPA field, but some others were decent. And I finally had a chance to try pulque, which offered up an intriguing, pleasantly sour bread dough flavor.

Just shoveling in hops doesn’t make for a good IPA.
A dessert beer. Good, but couldn’t handle that much cloying honey for a second bottle.
You should try pulque at least once.
Not too bad for a custom label beer. The food was much better.


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