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Top Ten Fantasy Films

These things are subjective. They have to be. By what metric does one objectively quantify entertainment value? I believe I’ve said before I don’t really have favorites. I can and do enjoy things equally, without rankings. So what I’m listing herein is merely a current snapshot of what I consider the elite group of fantasy films, appearing without any particular order (perhaps descending, though I won’t be held to it.

What am I considering as a fantasy film? I must necessarily limit this, as the category would otherwise be overbroad. For the purposes of this exercise, fantasy means swords and magic.  I’m excluding animated films. Live action only.

Let’s step right through the wardrobe, shall we?

Films of Consequence

I’m not sure the current generation will display the same tendency. But back in the early days of cable, back in the time of chunky VCRs and laser disc players, adolescents would view the same film over and over. At least I did as an adolescent. I imagine that was largely a function of limited viewing options. The number of cable channels was limited. HBO and Showtime would run the same selections through multiple times per day. Video rentals cost money and picking one was a crapshoot, so spending money on a tried and tested flick made sense. You might grab a couple of new films for the weekend but you’d always include and insurance pick, something you knew you liked.

It seems likely that with the sheer volume of options – streaming video, hundreds of cable channels, Red Box rentals – that variety and novelty will discourage tweens’ and teens’ multiple viewings of the same picture.