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Upcoming Appearances

A new book out means another opportunity to press the flesh, meet and greet, and…other rhyming euphemisms for marketing. Where, you ask, can you partake in such activities? Not every event is locked down yet, but currently I am scheduled for the following:

I will be signing copies of “Thick As Thieves” at Jan’s Paperbacks on Saturday, November 11. I believe that kicks off at 11 AM and runs until 2 PM. So, yes, that is 11 o’clock on 11/11. If only I could have managed this six years ago.

I will be at Orycon the 17th-19th of November. I’ll be around all weekend, but if you’re interested in getting a taste of “Thick As Thieves” I have a reading on Friday at 5:30. What do you think, should I begin reading Chapter 1 or pick a chapter somewhere in the middle?

There is more to come. This book won’t flog itself. But the above is what is currently on my plate. I hope to see you at one of these events (or more — hell, why not?) And if you can’t wait for a signed, why the book is available to purchase in print or digital right now.

Pounding the Pavement and Knocking on Doors

Taking a look at the calendar, I noticed that the next couple of months will call frequently on my woefully lacking marketing skills. Oh, joy. Promotion. What’s that rising up within? Heartburn? Acid reflux? Incipient panic?

Some of us prefer to remain unnoticed, to blend, chameleon-like, in the crowd. Deliberately drawing multiple pairs of eyeballs to our existence can be a trifle uncomfortable. But, that’s the gig. I knew it was part of the deal when I signed up.

Book Signing, Once Again


Honestly I would have considered the event a success if I’d only sold a single copy. So I left the signing yesterday more than contented. I’d like to thank Jan’s Paperbacks for hosting the event. Also Jack Whitsel for suggesting that I join him at the table. I owe many thanks to those who stopped by the table, especially those who bought a copy of Reunion. I hope you enjoy the book and that my signature doesn’t hurt the resale value.

And additional thanks to all the store patrons that afternoon for leaving some of the cookies. I was hungry.

It’s an odd feeling, sitting at a table facing the front door when a customer walks in. Expectancy. Elation when a complete stranger picks up your book and announces the intention to buy a copy. Embarrassment, as an incoming customer turns his head and edges around the table to avoid eye contact. It’s okay, bookstore patron, I’m not upset at you for failing to buy my book. I’m not a used car salesman, I’m not going to apply high-pressure sales tactics. For one thing I don’t know any. Say hello, have a cookie, take a bookmark. No hard feelings.

In all, a good afternoon at the bookstore. I walked in a with a box full of copies of Reunion, walked out with only two copies left. Yeah, a good day.