The Shotgun Approach. Resurrected Post.

September 27, 2015

The Shotgun Approach


I prefer to outline before I begin writing. I want a blueprint for the general structure in place, a scaffolding built to give me purchase from which to work. But once that’s done, I have to fill those empty space I reach from the scaffolding. Sometimes I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to put where. Other times I employ a scattershot approach. Fire out a bunch of ideas, hit and miss, and go with the idea that cracks the clay. Not hip-shooting of course, I have a bead on the target thanks to the outline.

Wait, is this some half-assed excuse to post pictures of your afternoon’s skeet-shooting? Why yes, yes it is. My typing fingers still smell of gunpowder. I’d like to thank Tri-County Gun Club and a beautiful, late September day for my Sunday fun. Few clay pigeons were harmed bringing these photos to existence. I did get better, a little, by the end. No, really. I wouldn’t lie to you.


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