The State of the Writer.

It seems like a good time to take stock. We’ve reached the second half 2023. Summer, in all its blistering glory is firmly in place. The fifty weeks of serializing Savage Journal are behind now. (Regarding which, I hope some of you enjoyed it.) I’m feeling settled in; it has been a bit over a year since the move from Oregon to Texas. The essential work of inhabiting a new locale is done: drivers’ licenses acquired, vehicles licensed, water utility located, power company, internet, new school (we’ve actually done that twice now, having found a closer — and somewhat less expensive — school for the HA), etc. There were additional novel factors such as establishing a new business, becoming a member of another State’s bar, and installing a swimming pool. MBW and I have been busy.

I’ve also been writing. I sent a book manuscript off to a publisher the other day. Fingers crossed. I have stories waiting for responses, and a couple for which I’m expecting (with a certain degree of confidence) contracts. I’ve started writing another novel. (Why? Why do I continue writing?) The Semi-Autos and Sorcery series seems complete at four volumes. Falchion’s Company is a tidy package at three volumes (the traditional fantasy trilogy, I suppose.) Three stand-alone novels preceded those. I think I’ll stick with the one-and-done novel for a while. Developing something new scratches my creative itch more completely than continuing a story, though series fiction does offer the pleasure of more fully exploring an invented world.

I suppose I’ll keep at it. I achieve a degree of satisfaction upon finishing a writing project, a feeling akin to that of brewing a keg of beer: I made that. I made that and it’s good. Hmm, now I’m thirsty.

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