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February 9, 2020

Away from the Keyboard

Actual writing constitutes the bulk of creating a book. Sitting my ass down and getting the words transferred from my fevered, abnormal imagination and into the computer. Then there’s the revising, the editing, etc. But that’s all part of writing.

There is, however, more to it. And that more has occupied quite a bit of my time recently.

Boss: Falchion’s Company Book One has been available as an ebook for more than a month now. My intention has always been to release it in print. And I hoped to get it out as an audio book also. Getting these hopes realized has consumed quite a bit of my efforts.

Getting a cover to conform with formatting requirements is a challenge for those unused to the process. MBW fought and argued with a graphics program, shoehorning layers into position. I don’t deserve her. I’m sure I would have tossed the computer out the window and peeled the paint from the walls with the invective I’d have been spewing. She, however, endured in the face of setbacks and frustrations.

Producing an audio book is also time consuming. I’ve learned quite a bit about the process. One lesson I have taken to heart for the next audio book: prepare a pronunciation guide for character names. I realize readers pronounce the names as they will. It is a bit jarring for the author, however, to hear the narrator speak the names differently than they have sounded for so many months in the author’s head.

So it isn’t all writing. Publishing is an involved process.

I suppose the point of this, from your perspective, is that the print and audio book versions of Boss should soon be available; print almost immediately, audio book within two weeks, barring the unforeseen.

Happy reading and happy listening.

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Published on February 09, 2020 13:43

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