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May 6, 2018

Drafts and Drafts

I celebrated yesterday with MBW and the HA. You know why? Of course you don’t. So I’ll tell you: Saturday, May the Fifth, I completed the first draft of Chale Thorson Book One: The Jade Dagger. (What do you think about the series title? I’m still considering it.)


We celebrated at a brewpub. And in honor of the Battle of Puebla, my first beer was a Mexican-style lager. (Pretty good, too: El Guapo. I declined to imitate the Three Amigos, you’ll be glad to learn.)

It feels good to complete the first draft, an almost physical relief. So now I’ll set The Jade Dagger aside, clear my mind of it before returning for the second draft. It is time to switch mental gears. I need to conceive of two sequels to Boss and get to outlining. I also need to invent a series title for these books as well.

So the celebration and relief is, as ever, short-lived.

The results are worth it to me, though. Creating something new and seeing it released into the market is very satisfying. And I hope you get some satisfaction as well. I mean, I experience a certain reward from writing these books but I’m not intended as the entirety of the audience. I’m writing them to be read. So I hope you enjoy reading them at least as much as I enjoy writing them.

Tomorrow then, back down into the word mines.

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Published on May 06, 2018 14:01

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