Game Day. Resurrected Post.

April 29, 2018

Game Day

The web log post is late because today was Game Day. Sitting around a table, laughing, rolling dice. It’s been several months since I last had a chance to play. I enjoyed getting back into it for a few hours.

Did I learn anything applicable to writing, practice any storytelling skills? No, of course not. I was playing a game, exploring a dungeon, fighting monsters. With respect to playing the game I learned, or had earlier lessons reinforced, that first level thieves are easily broken. Rolling up a new character requires mere minutes — another piece of knowledge reinforced by practical application.

So, yes, the post is late. It doesn’t trouble me much. Recreation is important. I believe the expression “sorry, not sorry” is appropriate. I will return next week with somewhat lengthier fare.

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Published on April 29, 2018 18:40

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