Old Stomping Grounds. Part Two.

Only days remain in my stay back in Oregon. I will be returning to Casa Lizzi in Texas early Tuesday morning. I’m beginning to look forward with some eagerness to my own bed, my library, my familiar routine.

Yet it has been a good trip. MBW joined me Tuesday. As per her wish (happily granted) the first stop after the airport was Fire on the Mountain for wings. Raspberry Habanero and Lime Cilantro sauces. It remains as good as I remembered. I traded in the borrowed Jeep for a rental car. As I’d ordered the manager’s special I was uncertain what wheels I would get. The only vehicle on the lot was a Tesla. I was, I admit, curious, though trepidatious about charging it in the locations I intended to spend much of the remainder of my trip. I needn’t have worried. Ten seconds before the paperwork was completed, a renter returned a Volkswagen Jetta. The rental agent mumbled something about needing a Tesla for the next day. I felt no compulsion to argue.

The HA enjoyed sleep-overs at the homes of a couple different old friends. MBW and I made rounds of visitation in our old neighborhood. We stopped at a restaurant we’d meant for years to try. And now I wish we had. The view was terrific and the elk burger delicious.

Lunch Date

We bunked at my aunt and uncle’s house for most of the week. There we had a curious visitor nibbling strawberries five or six feet away from the door. I waited long enough for MBW to take his picture before I interrupted his breakfast. Out in the countryside I was nowhere near a gymnasium. Happily my uncle had an eighty-plus foot tree felled and sliced into rounds which required chopping into firewood. Getting through a portion of that provided me with a couple of days worth of workouts.

Venison Home Delivery
By this axe I…turn chunks of wood into smaller chunks of wood?
The stack grows.
Getting stuck in.

We are spending the last day and a half prior to the return flight at a cabin on the river. I can’t even begin to count how many weekends I have spent up here. It is peaceful sitting by the Salmon River as it chuckles and murmurs to itself. And soon…home.

Oh right, advertising. Buy my books. There. Until next week.

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