Orycon 37 in the Rearview Mirror. Resurrected Post.

November 22, 2015

Orycon 37 in the Rearview Mirror

That’s another Orycon is in the books. Another weekend a half step out of pace with the ordinary. I had a marvelous time. With the exception of my ill-fated attempt to watch a football game in the Fan Lounge, no one seemed to object to my presence. So that’s nice.

The panels I sat on appeared to have been well received. My theory is that if the panel is receiving questions from many of the auditors instead of just that one guy (you know the one, there’s always one) then you’ve held a successful discussion.

The dealers’ room once again provided bargains. You can’t always find a wide selection of quality paperbacks for a buck. But I always do at Orycon. The art show, as usual, provided clever, evocative, or downright beautiful treats for the eye.

I saw some friends, met several new people, enjoyed some amiable chats, and mingled my way through a variety of room parties.

Oh, yeah, I also sold a couple of books.

I’m calling it a success. I’ll be ready to do it all again next year.

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