Orycon 37. Resurrected Post.

November 15, 2015

Orycon 37

I will be lowering the panelist quality of Orycon once again this year. I’m happy to do it, let me tell you. Enough with the qualified, entertaining, and successful authors hogging the panels. Someone has to draw a line in the sand. And that line is me.

Orycon begins this Friday, November 20 and runs through Sunday, the 22nd at the Portland Marriott, on the waterfront. I’ve been selected to sit on three panels this year. In case you want to listen in to discussions among qualified experts (and me) or simply want to know which panels to avoid, here’s my schedule.

Friday at 4PM in the Salem room: I’ll Be Watching You.

From vampire assassins to wizard private eyes to undead thugs, crime has been mixing it up with fantasy for years. What is it about crime, noir, and the paranormal that’s so appealing? Also – what are some really good titles?

Ken Lizzi, Annie Bellet, (*)Sharon Joss, Alex C Renwick, Kristi Charish


Saturday at 11AM in the Douglas Fir room: Loving Your Villains.

Villains are never evil. From where they stand, they’re the heroes of their own story. How to keep that in mind as you write that horrible, horrible person your readers will love to hate.

SD Perry, Lori Ann White, Ken Lizzi, Tanya Huff, Scott Alan Woodard

Saturday at 3PM in the Salmon room: Law 2050.

Legal dilemmas in the not so distant future

Katie Lane, Ken Lizzi, Rob McMonigal, (*)Shane Sauby, Manny Frishberg

I hope to see you at the con.

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