To the Wayback Machine for More Untimely Movie Reviews.

MBW was away on business for a week. Meaning that, in addition to playing Mr. Mom, I got to catch up on some films the rest of you saw long ago. So, let’s get to my reactions, shall we?

Nobody.” A man struggling to bury one half of his nature, playing (or actually being) a family man at great cost. Given the chance to release his inner death dealer, he takes it with manic glee, leading to well-staged, viscerally brutal fight scenes. Well done, though as is usually the case with such fare, it strains credulity if you don’t sit back and just go with it. Nice casting and with a few chuckles. Recommend for those with the stomach for graphic violence.

Shang-Chi.” Like certain breeds of small dog: stupid and often annoying, but just cute enough you have to at least grudgingly like it.

Ghost Busters: Afterlife.” A nearly flawless gem of a film. It feels like a throwback to an earlier era of movies. It has it all. It is has humor, romance, excitement, chills, and well-executed pathos. Sure, the engine driving the Ecto-1 is nostalgia. But it works.

In a shocking, surprise twist, here are my comments on something currently in theaters. I took the HA to see “Sonic 2.” It retains much of the modest charm of the first. It’s the equivalent of a particularly good fast food meal. The story is — irrelevant. The humor, visuals, and actors willing to go with the nonsense carry it. The HA loved it. 

And you might love some of my work. Why not give Blood and Jade a try? The reviews are positive, for what that is worth.



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