The Big Grift Post

I have made no secret in these posts that I write a bit of fiction now and then. At least I believe I haven’t kept it a secret. If I’m mistaken, well, allow me to correct that: My name is Ken Lizzi and I’m a writer. And I don’t intend to quit, cold turkey or otherwise.

Bearing that in mind, instead of discussing and promoting the work of other writers, this post will plug some of mine. Because that’s how I like my commercialism: Crass and brass.

Since I’ve been covering rather a lot of Sword-and-Sorcery fiction, I figure it is appropriate to feature S&S. First, a stand-alone novel, a crime/fantasy mash up written with Elmore Leonard in mind. Thick As Thieves is available in print and digital. It can be purchased from Barnes & NobleKoboAmazon, etc. Pretty much anywhere books are sold. You can always ask your local bookseller to order a copy for you if you prefer to purchase at ye olde brick and mortar establishment.

Sticking with the theme, let me flog an S&S trilogy I released this year, my Falchion’s Company novels. Falchion is the nom de guerre of the protagonist, a mercenary. A trifle rough around the edges, maybe even a little abrasive. But a decent fellow if you dig deep enough.

The first novel is Boss, following Falchion while he’s down on his luck and working for the head of a city’s organized criminal syndicate. Boss is available in print, digital, and audio.

The second novel is Captain, in which we find Falchion in charge of his own mercenary company, taking on one of the commissions the more established companies can afford to ignore. Captain is available in print, digital, and audio.

The final volume is Warlord, in which an older, successful Falchion must take on what might well be his last job, attempting to hold off a nomad horde, one with a powerful weapon in its arsenal. Warlord is available in print, digital, and audio.

I still have audio book codes for the US and the UK, if you want to give Falchion’s Company a listen without risking your hard-earned. First come first served while codes last. Or, you can always pester your local library to stock my books. A couple of county library systems have, so it is clearly possible.

Okay, enough of the hard sell. Happy reading.

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