The State of the Web Log. Resurrected Post.

September 16, 2018

The State of the Web Log

This is post number two hundred and nineteen. That’s over two years of posting, almost without fail every Sunday. Time, I think, to consider the State of the Web Log.


And the State of the Web Log is — I dunno. It isn’t breaking any readership records. Every now and then hordes of hackers from across the globe descend on the site for reasons that utterly escape me. The protections built into WordPress (and regularly updated) fight these would be internet malefactors off. I like to imagine private security contractors stationed about the superstructure sniping at boatloads of pirates motoring in on skiffs from every direction. But other than that, the numbers aren’t ticking up.

So, regular readers, let me ask you: what do you want to see out of this web log? Are there topics that interest you more than others? Should I write more reviews? Write more about beer? Specific authors? Tell more of the doings of MBW and the HA? (Yesterday we travelled to Mt. Angel of Oktoberfest: watched the Chicken Dance, drank a pint of Oktoberfest ale, ate some sausage — all the boxes ticked.) Should I cut back on posts and use this forum primarily to discuss upcoming publications and public appearances? Or should I pack this up, use the time I spend writing these posts to work on my novels instead, grinding seven days a week instead of only six?

Let me know, readers. Without you I merely talking to myself. And while I am excellent company, I’d rather be conversing with you.

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Published on September 16, 2018 11:22

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