The Thankful Post. Resurrected Pst.

November 26, 2017

The Thankful Post

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. I’m watching a cold, gray Oregon afternoon out the window as I type. The rain provides a persistent, percussive white noise, punctuated by occasional squalls and wind gusts. It’s a bit dismal is what I’m saying. I’m trying to reflect and be thankful here, but Mother Nature has to get a knee in and grind.


Of course I am thankful. MBW and the HA are healthy. The HA celebrated her fourth birthday on Thanksgiving. I mean, there’s a cosmic tell right there. “Be thankful, Ken.” MBW continues to expand her business empire. I’m gainfully employed. Even got a raise a few days ago.

Still, you can’t have the good without the bad. Some virus suckerpunched me Thursday morning. How was your Thanksgiving dinner? I had all of one morsel of turkey. That was about all I could stomach after a morning spent loudly singing the toilet’s praises. Thursday night was miserable. Friday wasn’t much better, though the morning offered me a false sense of improvement. I’m much improved now, but if I’m honest, I haven’t quite shaken this thing. I’d been looking forward to this long weekend, hoping to get a couple of lengthy writing sessions in. Nope.

Yet, I’m thankful. I have three novels out, and one under contract. (Now, I could wish the third one was selling better. I’ll see if I can get a price drop on the digital edition from the publisher. Would that help any of you fence sitters? I’m here to help.) The next novel is coming along, up to chapter seven, I believe. Of course I’d prefer to be up to chapter nine, but it’s hard to write with a witches’ cauldron substituting for your digestive system and a throbbing headache preventing concentration.

Wow, this is just turning into a bitch-fest. I’m supposed to be expressing gratitude here. No one likes a whiner. So, in an effort at salvaging whatever goodwill I have left, let me say that despite the above sour grapes and petulant grousing, I am thankful. Specifically I am thankful for you readers, without whom I might as well be talking to myself. And we all know that Ken guy is an ingrate.

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Published on November 26, 2017 13:57

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