The Web Log Is Moving. Again.

The Great Garrett Reread is on hiatus. I have not had time to read the next two books in the series. I’ve been entirely too busy. Busy with what, you ask? Moving, I answer.

Getting the house sold wasn’t so bad. That was snapped up within a week. But moving! Ugh. I had an enormous container sitting in my driveway for a week. Seemed like it ought to be big enough. But by the time the 3D game of Tetris (the computer version is missing out on all the sweat and profanity) was completed, I found I still had a section of garage full of belongings. So, instead of a carefree drive across the country, I’ll be towing a Uhaul trailer.

And I’d rather not get into the tangled nightmare of arranging for installation of the tow hitch and rental of the trailer. In fact, that isn’t complete. I’ll be taking the car in today for hitch installation. Tomorrow I pick up the trailer and begin loading. Fingers crossed that this one is large enough. Otherwise — triage. What gets thrown in the dump?

Tuesday, bright and early, the road trip begins. Yours Truly, MBW, and the HA are off on a four day journey from the scenic environs of Mt. Hood to the coastal flatlands of Gulf Coast Texas. Were it just me, I’d probably make the trip in half the time. But I won’t demand such road torture from the family.

First stop: Twin Falls, Idaho. Second stop: Laramie, Wyoming. Third stop: Wichita, Kansas. Last stop: the new house in a southwestern Houston suburb.

Next week’s post is unlikely to continue the Great Garrett Reread either. More than likely the post will have a title along the lines of “The Unpackening.” But maybe I’ll have some pictures to share.

The next couple of months should be interesting. Change always is. But I intend to keep writing. And maybe I’ll finally be able to get out to Cross Plains for Howard Days.

Anyways, the trip is impending. If you’d like to come along vicariously, you can pitch in for gas. And get something entertaining to read in return. 

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