Ursula Bruin

A couple of years ago I wrote a tale for the Heir Apparent. She was seven at the time and ardently fond of a number of things girls her age tend to be. So I attempted to incorporate several of her obsessions into the narrative. I believe I succeeded, as she was highly pleased with story, titled Ursula Bruin. I had not intended to take the project any further, having written it solely for the benefit of the HA. I did have some encouragement in that direction, though I ignored it. I ignored it, that is, until I learned about the Amazon publishing program called Kindle Vella, a site allowing readers to enjoy serialized fiction. That got me thinking.

Thinking led to action. I’ve divided Ursula Bruin along the natural fracture points of the tale and have begun posting them on the Kindle Vella site. You can begin reading here, if you are so inclined. Or, more likely, you can begin reading aloud to your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, etc., if you have one of the age to appreciate children’s stories. If you value sharing something with a bit more of an old-fashioned feel, something not attempting to preach whatever the current thing is, something with a time-honored message of friendship and developing one’s personal strength, then Ursula Bruin just might be the tale you want to offer as a bedtime story for the little ones.

Many thanks to My Beautiful Wife for the “cover” art. MBW has a gift for visual art that I lack.

The first three episodes of Ursula Bruin are, I believe, free. I will continue adding additional episodes until the story is done. Give it a read and let me know what you and your young auditors think.

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