A Trip to the Emerald Coast

I usually take a vacation around late March. This year was no exception. MBW, the HA, and I jetted off to Florida. At the recommendation of a fraternity brother, we booked a week in Destin, located on the coast in the Florida panhandle.

It seemed many others had the same idea. The narrow, linear beach town was hopping. Not with Spring Breakers, but with families. The complex in which we’d rented a condo seemed to cater to families with children roughly the age of the HA. She had a blast in the kid’s pool. Thankfully that was heated; the weather was not fully cooperative. We had about two and half sunny days. Clouds dominated the remainder, with one day of rain. But that’s about as far as I’ll go with complaints.

We enjoyed a couple of beach days, driving east to a little resort town called Grayton for one of them. We wandered, shopped, and ate at the Destin Harbor Village and Boardwalk, with the HA tackling the climbing wall, among other activities. I celebrated my birthday at Margaritaville. (Tip: get the shrimp and grits.) We drove west to an aquatic zoo, watching dolphin and sea lion shows. We kept on going (past some of the many, many military bases in the area) to a nice, compact, happily uncrowded terrestrial zoo where the HA could feed birds and watch the animals. MBW picked out her anniversary gift (which date falls today.) I visited three different brew pubs, ate well, got a bit of sun, edited a short story, and spent entirely too much money. So, a good trip.

How about I bore you with some pictures?

Toasting the first day.


Destin Harbor Village


Gray day at Grayton Beach.


Pool, beer. A natural pairing.


Destin Harbor Boardwalk


Lesser known beach in Destin, off the beaten tourist track.




Dolphin show at the Gulfarium


Sea Lion show at the Gulfarium

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