Eugene, Oregon 2018. Resurrected Post.

November 4, 2018

Eugene, Oregon 2018

A cool fall day in a college town on a football Saturday is classic Americana. I traveled to Eugene and back this weekend for precisely that.


A taster tray and a good lunch started the festivities on a positive note. Hop Valley puts out some tasty beers. In addition to a standby of mine, Bubble Stash, I recommend the VIP vanilla porter and the Cryo Stash Imperial IPA.

Tailgating is traditional. Partake in the tradition when the opportunity presents.

The game itself offered an entertaining spectacle. Unless you are a UCLA fan, in which case I suppose you were less than entertained. Better luck next game, Bruins.

Welcome back, Chip.

Now, enough entertainment. Time to begin preparing for Orycon.


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Published on November 04, 2018 14:06

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