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October 28, 2018

Making Progress

The second draft of Captain is now complete. Mostly complete, that is. There remain a few blanks to be filled in, currently with such place holders as [Name.] I still need to finish the final polish of Boss in order to recall the names to fit in the blanks and to ensure that characters are consistent between Boss and Captain.


But those are simple tasks and shouldn’t require much time. A more difficult task awaits: tomorrow I must begin the first draft of Warlord. The outline is complete, so I have a map to follow. Still, that first day, facing the blank page, is always simultaneously daunting and thrilling. It’s the first step on a journey that will last months. There’s a long, wearying way to go. But the effort is its own reward, making the destination so much lagniappe.

I enjoyed reading through Captain. There is a nagging self-doubt that clings to writers. We question ourselves. Is this any good? Am I any good? Should I just give up? But it is always a pleasure to discover that you’ve actually written something pretty entertaining after all. Especially if you’ve left the manuscript to sit long enough that you don’t remember all the twists and turns you built in and can surprise yourself.

I’ll have to see if it still holds up in a couple of months when I write the third draft. Ideally I wouldn’t take a break from writing Warlord to return to Captain. However, the current release schedule appears to demand it. Third drafts usually don’t require much time, so I’m optimistic.

Well, onward.

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Published on October 28, 2018 14:19

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