Independence Day 2024

Today’s post is almost entirely pictorial. I’m rather busy at the moment preparing from an uninvited visit from Beryl. She’s never welcome, blustery, impulsive, and demanding. So I’ve some hatches to batten down. Below are some photos from my Independence Day festivities Thursday. MBW, the HA, and I rode our bikes down to the lake for the patriotic boat parade. Then we returned to Casa Lizzi to hang out with guests by the pool. A good time was had by all. Let freedom ring. (The pictures aren’t in order. Sorry.)


But not even an impending hurricane will prevent my from hawking my wares. Buy my books. (Not particularly imaginative, but I hope you’ll forgive me under the circumstances.)

Update, July 9th. I have internet again (finally.) Hurricane Beryl did a number on Casa Lizzi. Here is a picture of what remains of the gazebo. I can hear my bank account screaming.

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