January Writing Update. Resurrected Post.

January 21, 2018

January Writing Update

“So how goes the writing, Ken?” I arbitrarily determine you are asking. Well, let me tell you, convenient fictional interlocutor.


I finished Chapter 9 of the the work in progress. That puts me, I guess, about one-third of the way through. Perhaps closer to half. The story will let me know. To paraphrase Elmore Leonard, “Leave out the bits that people skip.” Some sections I envision might end up curtailed. Then again, others might grow. Outlines are, for me, nigh indispensable. But once the actual writing begins they become more like helpful suggestions than unbreakable dictates.

“Will there be a book out this year?” Another fine question. You’re just knocking them out of the park, slugger.

I’m expecting editorial comments soon on Boss. Once I receive those, I anticipate moving on quickly to copyediting. Maybe by the end of February. Maybe. If the manuscript is ready to go by spring, I figure the publisher will get it on the 2018 publishing schedule. I will, naturally, keep you posted. Is it too soon to be considering ideas for cover art?

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Published on January 21, 2018 13:50

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