Monterrey Writing and Beer-Tasting Excursion. Resurrected Post.

July 15, 2018

Monterrey Writing and Beer-Tasting Excursion

MBW is on a business trip to Monterrey. Monterrey is a vast, sprawling metropolis in Northeastern Mexico. It’s grown even larger since my last visit, not long ago. MBW brought me along with her to entertain the HA. The Airbnb we rented boasts an impressive view (when smog and clouds allow), a gym, cafeteria, and — most importantly — a swimming pool. The HA and I have spent numerous hours in the pool and we’re only at the halfway mark of the trip. I expect many more.


Look, it isn’t exactly a vacation. I’ve taken vacation days from the office for this, but I’m not out seeing the sights or sitting on a beach somewhere. What I am doing (other than HA wrangling) is getting in some serious writing time. Thousands of words so far and over two chapters completed on the current WIP (a sequel to Boss.) If I can maintain this pace for the duration of the trip I might shave a month off the expected completion date. As I have a deadline for two sequels, this is a welcome prospect.

I have also sampled some of the products of Mexico’s growing craft beer scene.

As of this writing I haven’t yet tasted the La Avenida. The Lagerita required lime to be palatable. So, can’t recommend it. The Obelisco Red Ale was a fine example of the style, rich and malty. The Minerva Vienna is one of my go-tos in Mexico, when I can find it. And it is the least expensive of the lot. (I bought more.)

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Published on July 15, 2018 08:26

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