Pesky Real Life. Resurrected Post.

February 15, 2015

Pesky Real Life

I held a giveaway contest for “Reunion” recently. Congratulations to the winners. I hope you all enjoy the novel.

I seem to be doing quite a bit of giving recently, mostly money. Real life continues to stick its nose under the tent flap of my world-building, fabulizing, tale-crafting pavilion. Pesky thing, real life. I’m writing this post from a friend’s apartment as my place if barely habitable at the moment. Water heaters, it seems, have a finite useful existence, at the end of which they leak out their life fluid, impregnating the walls and floors. Said walls and floors are unappreciative of this last gift. So currently industrial-size fans, of the type usually found in aerodynamics testing wind-tunnels, are attempting to desiccate the swamp that I usually call home. Money has already passed from my hand to the pocket of the plumber who swapped out the corpse of the previous water-heater with a new, vigorous replacement. More, much more, will follow to various tradesmen.

This website, as you may notice, remains unwell. I really have been in contact with people who can heal it. Top men, top men. So patience, this site will return to its former glory soon.

Meantime, despite the best efforts of real life to thwart me, I continue scribbling away. The second draft of “Thick as Thieves” is nearly complete. Other projects are circulating, or waiting for a polish. You’ll not thwart me, real life. This I swear.

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